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Neal Spruce, a former champion bodybuilder, through the strategic alignment of resources has founded, owned, operated, and partnered to build some of the largest and most successful fitness brands in the business such as Gold’s Gym, Apex Fitness, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the bodybugg (winner in 2005 of “Best of What’s New in Personal Health in the U.S.” awarded by Popular Science), and 24Hour Fitness, among others. Most recently, Neal developed the evidence-based fitness programming company, dotFIT Worldwide, joined the NASM advisory board, and became an investment partner for fibr, the one-stop-shop for everything the fitness industry needs. His vision and deep understanding of creating resources for club operators and fitness professionals have led him to be one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the industry.

Spruce delivers more than 100 lectures annually on sports and fitness topics. He has been a featured speaker on more than 300 radio and television talk shows and hosted his own television fitness show in San Francisco.





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